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Cancer Care Redefined: Empowering Patients and Fueling Cancer Innovations Globally

Step into a new era of cancer care where advanced cancer patients, researchers, and startups coalesce into a dynamic force for change.


Through collaborative hackathons and insightful learning labs, patients benefit from a worldwide network of researchers, providers, pathologists, and bioinformaticians, and are better informed to make complex treatment decisions. Simultaneously, cancer-related startups find a space to address pivotal issues, from funding to business models, unlocking their potential to impact cancer education, navigation, and community support.


Join the CancerHacker Lab™ movement that redefines the landscape of cancer care and innovation.

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Our Services

At CancerHacker Lab™, we help advanced cancer patients make complex cancer testing and treatment decisions via hackathons and learning labs. We also offer consulting on the top issues that a startup is facing, e.g., funding, business model, organization, legal status, in regards to addressing cancer patient challenges in education, navigation, and community.

Meet Brad Power
Lymphoma Survivor
& Founder of CancerHacker Lab™

Brad was a seasoned process innovation researcher and consultant with over 35 years of experience and author of 75+ articles for the Harvard Business Review. In 2018, Brad's life took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. Following a successful course of chemotherapy, he emerged with no evidence of disease.


Brad's perspective shifted at a Harvard Medical School conference on personalized medicine, where he shared his patient experience. Inspired attendees recognized his powerful voice, leading Brad to discover a new calling in advocacy.


Today, he channels his skills and expertise into accelerating innovation in cancer treatment, bridging the worlds of research and patient empowerment.

“There is power in the collective thinking of the medical community and scientists / researchers / entrepreneurial companies coming together to find solutions and treatment options.”

Gail Thornton

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