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Personalized Medicine Coalition Highlights the CancerHacker Lab Efforts

The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), in their May 2022 newsletter, highlights Brad Power and the CancerHacker Lab's initiative to focus on Advanced Prostate Cancer patients.

You can read the blurb from their newsletter below: Broadening Effort to Better Align Health Care System With Patient Needs, New CancerHackerLab Crowdsourcing Initiative Focuses on Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

Broadening the CancerHackerLab's effort to better align the health care system with the needs of individual patients, Bradford Power, a patient advocate and leader on the steering committee for PMC's More Than a Number patient education initiative, has expanded the program's efforts to crowdsource perspectives about cancer cases to include several advanced prostate cancer patients. Scientists, researchers, and medical professionals are invited to participate in the patients' cases via


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