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Meet Brad Power

Lymphoma Survivor
Founder of
CancerHacker Lab™
President & Co-Founder
of Cancer Patie
nt Lab

In 2018, Brad Power was diagnosed with lymphoma and went through a course of chemotherapy. Building on that experience and his 35+ years of consulting about ways to change work using technology, he decided to help people with advanced cancer learn about their disease, new tests, and new treatments to choose their best unique treatment, with a focus on patients and caregivers who are facing complex decisions outside standard treatment options.


He has run several “hackathons" (crowds convened to find the best next treatment) for patients and serves as an advisor to several startups reinventing care, including 4DPath, Alva10, Blue Note Therapeutics, Cancer Commons, Consuli, Rabble Health, and Travera; and is an active contributor to the Personalized Medicine Coalition.

Brad's Motivation:

  • To contribute his understanding of how organizations work to increase the active involvement of people with a cancer diagnosis and their caregivers; 

  • To accelerate innovation and improvement of cancer treatment, especially the adoption of personalized (“n-of-1”) therapies, based on assembling extensive health data and matching it with targeted therapies


For more on Brad’s background and mission: 


See his profile on LinkedIn.

Brad's interest in genomics in health (2019)

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