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Services for Patients

We understand that everyone's path is unique, and for many facing advanced stages of cancer, the 'standard of care' often falls short. It can be a lonely and overwhelming journey as you search for your own unique solutions. We want to improve outcomes for cancer patients, like you, through technological and medical innovation. We believe that advocacy can lead to treatments that may extend patients’ lives.

1 | Our Mission

To educate and empower advanced cancer patients with complex treatment problems to engage in their own healing journey and find their best treatment options.

2 | The Challenges Faced

Some frontline treatments are not curative and patients run out of options. They’re beyond the standard of care and clinical trials, and have ‘hit a wall’. Everyone is unique, which means that for many advanced cancer patients, the “standard of care” process doesn’t work. They need to search for their own unique solutions, which can feel lonely and overwhelming.

3 | Who Are We and What We Do

We are a virtual (global) collaborative community helping patients and caregivers resolve complex cancer problems.


We host Advance Cancer Hackathons & Learning Labs:

A hackathon is a diverse crowd that comes together to help an individual patient determine his or her next best treatment options and treatment strategy. It's a collaborative effort designed to empower a patient to make informed decisions about their care.


A learning lab is a community primarily of advanced cancer patients and caregivers that comes together to raise their collective understanding of testing and treatment options so that they can actively participate in their care decisions with their medical team.

4 | Who Participates

  • Patients, caregivers, patient advocates 

  • Research oncologists

  • Bioinformaticians, diagnosticians

5 | Benefits of Participating and Sponsoring

Make A Difference

Help people who are facing a life-threatening situation with scientific evidence and research that is still in the lab and with data that is hard to access

Promote Patient Leadership

  • Contribute to an effort that is bending the health system to serve an individual patient, demonstrating true “patient centricity”

  • Support and celebrate pioneering role models


  • Access cutting edge diagnostic data and research in treatment innovation.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of patient problems and potential solutions.

  • Expand the lessons for one patient to broader insights and for those who follow

Build Relationships

  • Meet leaders from a variety of disciplines with shared interests

  • Showcase what you can do through your contributions

CancerHacker Lab provides you with more than a network; we're your community, dedicated to ensuring that you are not only well-informed but also an active architect of your care. Join us, and discover the strength in unity, innovation, and shared knowledge. In our community, no one faces cancer alone

Current Patient Labs

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Cancer Lab

Cancer Lab

Cancer Lab

Visit for additional information.

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