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Welcome to CancerHacker Lab™, a global virtual innovation hub dedicated to revolutionizing cancer care. As a Y-Combinator-like collaborative, we host curated Hackathons, uniting brilliant patient innovators and startups committed to addressing the challenges in cancer education, navigation, and community support. Focused on accelerating patient-led solutions, we help startups tackle critical issues such as funding, business models, and legal aspects, providing a transformative space for entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders, and sponsors to collaboratively navigate and revolutionize the cancer care landscape.

At CancerHacker Lab™, our mission is to combat the breakdowns in the healthcare system that cancer patients face. Join our diverse community of mission-driven startups to access patient leaders, associate your brand with patient leadership, and gain unique insights into disruptive changes in cancer care. Together, we aim to drive positive change, boost brand awareness, and contribute to a future where personalized care and community support redefine the cancer care experience.

1 | Our Mission


Our mission is to accelerate patient-led solutions to cancer-care problems.

2 | The Challenges Faced

Cancer patients experience many breakdowns in our health system.

Patients and their families are overwhelmed.

An explosion of new treatment options and health data about each individual (genomics, proteomics, imaging, monitors, new biomarkers, increased frequency of sensor readings) is overwhelming oncologists and patients. Patients and their friends and family feel lost and despondent.


Impersonal Care
Batch thinking and rigorous adherence to a safe standard of care optimizes for the population but can be suboptimal for an individual patient.



Separate services are hard to integrate, and competing incentives (profit, cost, safety) are often at odds with the patient outcomes. Data is hoarded and local.

3 | Who Are We and What We Do

We are a virtual (global) Y-Combinator-like collaborative focused exclusively on patients and caregivers dealing with cancer. We host Hackathons which are curated communities of brilliant patient innovators for learning.

4 | Who Participates

  • Entrepreneurs – patients looking to make a difference in cancer care 

  • Key Opinion Leaders – patient advocates

  • Sponsors and funders – clinicians, researchers, foundations, VC’s, investors

5 | Benefits of Participating and Sponsoring

Access Patient Leaders

  • Access the patient audience and patient advocacy influencers

  • Access vetted ventures

  • Associate your brand with the cause of patient leadership

  • Drive business to your brand

  • Build partner and customer relationships

  • Boost brand awareness and loyalty

  • Speak at events



  • Get unique early exposure to disruptive changes – a listening post

  • Develop a deeper understanding of patient problems and potential solutions

  • Participate in events

Build Relationships

  • Be part of a community of mission-driven startups solving patient problems

CancerHacker Lab offers startups more than collaboration—it provides a transformative experience. By joining our curated Hackathons, startups access patient and key opinion leaders, tackling critical issues in cancer care. This unique platform not only facilitates early exposure to disruptive changes but also fosters lasting relationships and boosts brand awareness. By working with CancerHacker Lab, startups become integral contributors to a future where innovation and compassion redefine the landscape of cancer care.

Please contact us with any questions.

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