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Get Medical Information

You Need to Gather Information about Your Disease and Treatment Options


Online services can help you learn about your disease and make it easier for you and your caregivers to access and prioritize your best treatment options – to ensure you’re getting the best treatment using the best global thinking and to find the best advice in the world.


You should check out services to:

  • Conduct research on your disease and treatment options, especially clinical trials

    • Online information sources

    • Online social communities

  • Get a second opinion to search for optimal regimens

    • Virtual tumor boards

    • AI algorithms

  • Assemble your health team

    • Specialist in your cancer

    • Other services

For example, Cancer Commons, Massive Bio, Perthera, and Tempus take a patient’s medical data as input and provide information on the individual’s best treatment options (“second opinions”). SequenceMe explains the power of genomics and makes the case for getting your tumor DNA analyzed.

Get Educated about Your Disease and Treatment Options

Find the Best Healthcare Experts for You

Recommending Your Best Treatment Options

Online Cancer Treatment Advice

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