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Advanced Cancer Patient Journey

​The mission of CancerHacker Lab is to help people with an advanced cancer diagnosis to choose the best options for their treatment, including:

  • Engagement: Increase active involvement of people with a cancer diagnosis and their caregivers

  • by providing information and resources, especially apps and online services

  • Personalization: Accelerate adoption of better cancer treatment processes that are tailored

  • for each patient, based on extensive health data

  • Outsiders: Increase adoption of services offered by industry outsiders who want to revolutionize

  • treatment

Here's the suggested path an advanced cancer patient is encouraged to take:

(Click on each line for more information.)

  1. Personalize your treatment

  2. Engage in your treatment

  3. Get medical information

  4. Get peer advice

  5. Capture and manage your health data

  6. Monitor and guide me

  7. Promote Innovators

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