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#4 - Working Documents For Testing And Treatments [Kasey Altman Hackathon]

Thanks again for your interest in the Kasey Altman hackathon to find the best next treatment for this rare cancer patient. This is our weekly update (#4), especially for those who were unable to join us in person on Thursday (June 24).

Following the excellent news that Kasey has responded to her chemotherapy and radiation regimen with a scan this week which showed “No Evidence of Disease”, we mostly talked about two working documents that will enable actionable recommendations:

  • Diagnostic Tests: Our working document “Kasey Altman Tests” lists (a) the tests that Kasey has taken at a high level, (b) the testing options that she can exercise with existing tissue or blood biopsies, and (c) the tests that should be initiated if her cancer recurs and there is more biopsy tissue available.

  • Treatment Options: Our working document “Kasey Altman Treatment Options” lists (a) the treatments that Kasey has received at a high level, and (b) the treatments she might consider, as the basis for a conversation about Kasey’s Plan B, C, and D, and the ability to rejigger the priorities if the disease evolves. The key value the hackathon provides is confidence in making the best decision on the next treatment, and this document structures those choices.

We also talked about access to data and reiterated that all of Kasey’s medical history, scans, and raw sequencing files currently available may be shared just by asking Delsee.

Kasey’s Update: No Evidence of Disease! And an Article!


Kasey reported that, as hoped, she received the excellent news that her scan on June 21 saw “no evidence of disease”! Yay! All that chemotherapy and radiation did the job. Lurking in the background is the fact that there is a 70 percent chance of recurrence.

The other good news was news: an article about Kasey’s case (I love that alliteration), the hackathon, and Kasey’s podcast with her sister, was published in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Delsee’s Update: Uncovering Treatment Options

Delsee reported on the many conversations she has been having with experts who have possible treatments for Kasey, many of whom were thanks to Berkley Gryder and his contacts. A number of these treatments necessitate being refractory (not responsive to treatment) or having recurrence. This list of possibilities is ready should the need arise. Please see the treatment options working document for the full list.

Roundtable Discussion: Refinements to the Testing and Treatment Documents

The majority of our roundtable discussion revolved around suggestions for additions and modifications to the testing and treatment options. You can see the discussion in the transcript which follows.

In Closing: Our Requests

  • Please review the working documents on Kasey’s possible tests and treatments and edit and comment.

  • Please check out the online conversation (on Slack) and add your comments, questions, and suggestions.

  • For more details, please reference the video recordings below.


Kasey Altman, Delsee Altman, Lupe Montes, and Brad Power

Status Update (10 Mins)

Discussion (23 Mins)


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