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#7 - Fruit Fly Tests, Bridging Therapies, And Choosing Treatments [Kasey Altman Hackathon]

Thanks again for your interest in the Kasey Altman hackathon to find the best next treatment for this rare cancer patient. This is our weekly update (#7), especially for those who were unable to join us in person on Thursday (July 15). There is a quick summary below and the full meeting recording below. 

Kasey’s Update: Feeling Good 

Kasey reported that she’s in a good phase in her chemotherapy, which she is taking to bridge her to her next round of treatment, an immunotherapy clinical trial, scheduled for October.

How Fruit Fly Avatars Can Test Therapies for Kasey 

Nahuel Villega of Vivan Therapeutics described how they plan to develop fruit fly avatars that will mimic Kasey’s tumors and allow testing of various therapies. (For more details, please see Naheul’s presentation slides and the recording below.) 

Additional Therapies for Kasey Between Her Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy 

Will LaValley described how natural product supplements and some primary care pharmaceuticals can be used in conjunction with targeted therapies. He cited an article which introduces these ideas. Xiyan Li of Filtricine offered that their dietary product could be used in the window between Kasey’s chemotherapy and immunotherapy. 

How to Identify and Prioritize Kasey’s Treatment Options 

Ally Perlina of CureMatch shared how they analyze NGS reports and other patient data to identify and prioritize drugs. (Please see the discussion and her slides in the video below.) 

Our Request: Help Prioritize Kasey’s Treatment Options 

How could we develop a short list from the current list of Kasey’s treatment options

If you have answers to this question, or any other suggestions, please comment in our shared documents, online discussion forum (Slack), or drop us an email at the addresses below. 


Kasey Altman, Delsee Altman, Lupe Montes, and Brad Power

Update #7 (2 Mins)

Q&A + Discussion (54 Mins)


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