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Hoping For A Positive Response [Linnea Olson Hackathon]

Thanks for your continued interest and support for Linnea Olson.

Linnea didn’t join our weekly update call 

  • Linnea’s latest drug has caused intense neurological symptoms, and she was (is?) in the hospital. From Sunday: “They are thinking it will take apx 5-10 days for her body to fully metabolize the drug and hopefully return her to normal functioning — and then we will figure out what’s next.” (For more on Linnea’s current state, please see recent Facebook posts by Linnea’s daughter that John Novack posted on Slack.)

  • TJ Sharpe noted a Facebook post from Wednesday that Linnea had had a good day — she was present and lucid.

  • Kimary Kulig ventured an optimistic interpretation that Linnea may be having a strong immune system reaction (a cytokine storm).

  • Peggy Zuckerman shared that she had hallucinations in response to her cancer treatment many years ago, and it was a good sign that she kept from her family and the doctors, for fear that they would take her off the drug. She wants Linnea’s family to know that hallucinations are good!

Our Request

  • If you are connected to Linnea’s family, please pass on our hopes that these drug reactions are a positive sign.




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