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The Reroute Podcast: A Patient Perspective on Hackathons

Have you heard of a cancer hackathon? On her podcast, The Reroute by Good Humans Only, Kasey Altman looks at the world through a different lens and shares her journey and perspective through a rare form of pediatric cancer along with her sister, Karli, and mom, Delsee.

It was Delsee who has been pivotal in working with @CancerHackerLab Founder Brad Power to start a hackathon for Kasey. The hackathon brings together a powerful collaboration of medical and scientific professionals who participate each week in cutting-edge data analysis and therapy recommendations to find Kasey's best next treatment. 

In this episode, Kasey and Delsee are diving into how Kasey’s hackathon is keeping them proactive (instead of reactive), what it's taught them about humanity & humility, and their advice to have the confidence to know that your story matters. Other topics include Delsee's secret to optimizing how to search through research studies and use your medical team for help as well as how to take the first step in creating a hackathon.

Visit our web site as a resource to learn more about the hackathon model:   #cancertreatment #cancerpatients

About the Reroute Podcast

On The Reroute podcast, Kasey Altman has heart-to-hearts with badass people about the unexpected detours that shifted the trajectory of their lives. They interview powerful business people, influencers, athletes, teachers, therapists, entrepreneurs and beyond about heartbreak, loss, unexpected diagnoses and everything in between. Detours in life are inevitable. The Reroute Podcast reminds you you’re still on your way even when it feels like you’re lost.

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