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Twitter Post From Harvard Health [Linnea Olson Hackathon]

Developing New Cancer Therapies: Patients As Partners - MONDAY, JULY 12, 12 PM ET

A seismic shift in cancer drug development is partnership with patients. Join #HarvardHealth for an exciting discussion on patient-centric drug discovery w/ industry leaders & patient advocate Linnea Olson, blogger, activist & artist living w/ lung cancer:

Linnea Olson is a patient advocate, activist, blogger and artist. She has been a participant in six phase I clinical trials for ALK-mutant non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) – three of which led to FDA approval of new targeted therapies. Her experiences and wisdom have made her a trusted source of insight for countless patients, researchers, clinicians, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and learners at Harvard Medical School.

In this special event, we will premiere a brief video outlining Linnea Olson’s remarkable journey. This will be followed by a panel discussion in which Linnea will be joined by two senior drug development leaders whose therapies have played such an important part in Linnea’s story. Join us for a wide-ranging discussion on patient-centric drug discovery and development, exciting advances in cancer treatments, and living with cancer.


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