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Update #22 - In The Hospital [Linnea Olson Hackathon]

Thanks for your continued interest and support for Linnea Olson.

Linnea is in the hospital but stable, according to a report that John Novack saw from Linnea’s daughter on Facebook. 

As expected, Linnea was unable to join the weekly update today.


Sophia Cornew, Peggy Zuckerman, Jason Crites, Will LaValley and I met and talked mostly about patient engagement.

  • Peggy Zuckerman mentioned The Society for Participatory Medicine as a group that is championing patient education, activation, and engagement. (I’m also a member.) 

  • Will LaValley offered his advice to patients in their initial meeting with their physician to level the playing field by speaking of their goals and values up front, including the key phrase, “This is for my medical record.”




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