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Update #26 - Recuperating At Home From The Neurological Side Effects Of TPX0131 [Linnea Olson Hackathon]

Here is the latest news from Linnea Olson from her blog:


I am here. Posted on September 25, 2021 At times, it’s been more than a little touch and go. Although I couldn’t possibly relay the whole sordid tale, I shall attempt to hit some high and low spots. TPX0131 and I had a brief and tempestuous relationship. Six days in I would have said no side effects. And then the shit hit the fan big time. Initially I was admitted to the ER for a lingering pneumonia (fevers–serious ones–of unknown origin.) They did what they could for me (IV antibiotics) and then I was released briefly (and if any of my handlers/editors notice any errors–please let me know. I am not entirely sure this visit was post trial onset). I also know that I was next admitted with mental confusion. And at this point it all goes dark. Later I would realize that I was often hallucinating. All in all a month + in the hospital (lots to relay regarding that) and then two weeks in rehab. It was hell; all of it. The current conclusion is that I suffered a severe neural injury. Tripping x 1000 (my assessment). And it took more than a month to start coming down. The entire experience was terrifying. I am back home now trying to relearn simple things, such as typing and walking. My group of friends and family have been amazingly supportive. I have also been very appreciate of messages, flowers, and food sent my way. Now I must rest but I shall try to check in more frequently. xoxo


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